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I Have made a game review on this game i hope you enjoy my the video

Thanks again R Dog! We subscribed- possibly your 100th subscriber?


I enjoyed the masses of Lucas Arts references :) Very nice music pick (couldn't figure out credits though).

Hey Iwan, thanks for sharing your play through. The music in the cave is Devil's Brew by Bob Bradley- you can find a version of it on youtube with vocals:

Lovely graphics! Good luck with the future projects!

Thank you Pinkerator!

What a great tester game, really reminiscent of nostalgic point and clicks like Monkey Island, Sam & Max and Broken Sword. These characters are really likeable, I'd love to see a full game with them. Most importantly, the animation and art style and the way they work together is masterful. It's probably one of the best-looking games I've seen all year. I just love the colourful, painted 2D look. A big congrats to your guys art design and direction. Noticed a few technical issues; the text at the beginning moves far too fast for one. But nothing to drop the score of this game at all. If this is a test of your abilities and skill in game creation, you've passed with flying colours. Bravo to Nogoodnik Games. Now, make a full version! :D

Great playthrough Gavin! Thanks for posting it here with your feedback and the feedback on the video, super helpful for us! The opening subtitles do go way too fast, we'll be more careful with that next time. We made the mistake of trying to squeeze them in to a set timeframe so we could keep the intro short and sweet, instead of making sure people could actually read them! The look of the game and animation is something we spent a lot of time on, so we're glad you like it!

This was awesome! The gameplay, art style and dialogue really reminded me of classic point and click games. I hope to see more in the future!

Thanks John! We've got a couple of solid ideas for our next projects and have started on some of the very early development stuff so we're hoping to dive into work on those very soon!

Hey loved your game i really like art style and i hope you really enjoy the video.

Hey R Dog thanks for playing The 3 Beards! The video was great, a lot of fun to see people like you playing our game and helps us work out how to make our next project even better!

I do reviews on all the games a play each week so i can give developers ideas so wait for that

Great- let us know when you've posted it and we'll definitely check it out!

Great work!

The cave was full of interesting things to look at and investigate. With such a beautiful art style!

Thank you Tooki! We're learning a lot from seeing other people play our game- what works, what doesn't work, what would make it an even more enjoyable experience for players, etc. Thanks so much for posting your play-through!

Lovely little experience. I hope you'll get to make it into a full game. :)

Man, you were quick! Thanks so much for playing & making a video of The 3 Beards. It was a lot of fun to watch you play through and hear your reactions!

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try it. :) #3beards4FullRelease